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Monday Mar 27, 2023

Everest Trek Travel Guide

Everest Trekking is an enjoyable activity. This is because many people get the chance to network and make new friends while they are on an Everest trek. There are two routes that are common for the trekkers. These are the Northern route that is approached from the Nepalese region and the Southern route that is approached from the Chinese side of Tibet. There are many guides around the foot of the Best Time To Go Annapurna Base Camp Camp who lead troops in and out of the Everest. These guides help in locating camping bases for spending nights and at the same time they assisting in getting shorter routes up the mountain.

An Everest trek could take 10 to 15 days depending on the speed of the group and the starting point. There are base camps at 5000ft high up the mountain which is mainly the advisable height that people are advised to reach. Further up the 5000ft base camp, an individual’s life is under risk due to lack of enough oxygen and frost bites. While you are climbing up the mountain, you require climbing equipment which is carried by “Yaks” who are the porters who assist to carry the loads up the mountain for a fee. There are a number of sites up the mountain that are a tourist attraction like the cool springs, river sources and the glaciers.

While trekking the Everest from Tibet, you can go to a base camp as high as above 6000 ft high. In this region, there are huge rock crevices and glaciers that are an awesome site. However, at this height, the temperatures are usually very low and people with preconditions are known to have died. It is due to this reason that people are advised to go with guides who assist in analyzing the climatic conditions and advising on the climbing limits.


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