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Tuesday May 30, 2023

Chinese Language Software – Get the Most Out of Your Language Program

If you’ve bought Chinese language software from a reputable company and begun to go through the lessons, you’re probably already impressed (or overwhelmed) but what has been made available to you. A Chinese language software program is like a library, or a university. You can’t read every book at once, or take every course at the same time. In order to get the most out of a language course, you need to take control and make your own plans for progress. These are my top tips to get the most of out your Chinese language software.

1. Follow instructions

This might seem like a no-brainer, but when people are overloaded with information they go a little crazy. We gravitate toward what we think will be most fun, or easy, or rewarding. Many times a language learner who is interested in writing 1 to 1 chinese tuition characters will look at all the information about writing first. It doesn’t hurt to skim and see what is there, but after five minutes it is time to go back to basics and work your way up. Be responsible. You’ll get frustrated if you try to leap ahead, and the designers of the language program will try to guide you through the best path to achieving your language learning goals.

2. Set your own schedule

Almost every brand of Chinese language software will claim to help you learn the language quickly, but it’s rare to find a program that offers actual goals in real time (days, weeks, months). This is because people learn at different rates depending on the amount of time they have to practice, and how well they use that time.

Chinese language software can offer you a route to fluency, but it’s up to you how quickly you get there. Chinese people will not jump out of your computer and make you do the work. Take responsibility for your learning and set a schedule for practice and a series of realistic and achievable goals. If you do this, you will be able to monitor your progress and build your confidence.

3. Use Almost Every Feature

Again, don’t get overwhelmed, but after you’ve been at it for a while and made your way through some of the basics, take some time to explore the features that are included with the Chinese language software. You are paying for it, so you might as well reap the benefits. Take the tests, play the games, and log onto the forums and chat rooms. If you don’t like a particular extra, you have no obligation to use it, but it’s a service to yourself to make sure you’ve tried it.

As a side note, avoid the features that you’re not ready for. Put off learning to read and write for at least a few weeks in order to gain familiarity with the language.

Chinese language software can give you most or all of the tools that you need to reach fluency in Chinese, but it is still up to make the most of them and coordinate your own schedule of learning and practice.


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